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A revolutionary way to acquire dental skills
(Rapid Skills Acquisition Protocol / RSAP)

Expand your perceptions from data collection, 2D, 3D to 4D.

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Replicating nature and creating stunning restorations.

Unlock your Creativity & Innovative Potential
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Our Programs

The DQS programs are based on proven neuroscience and neurophysiology to generate rapid neurogenesis and enhanced brain function: Rapid Skills Acquisition Protocol.

The programs are highly personalized and fully immersive. Each DQS course combines the latest neurostimulators, supplements, neurogenic diet and proven hands-on exercises.

By completing this program, your perceptive acuity, creativity, and ability to solve complex problems will improve. You will also enhance your hand skills/hand-eye coordination. You will gain solid clinical skills and knowledge to dramatically increase production and enjoy financial and life successes sooner than later.