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Hello, my name is Dr. Jerome Cha. I’ve been practicing dentistry since 1993. I started with big hopes and dreams of creating a wonderful life and career for myself in dentistry. I have taken countless continuing education courses over the years, both in the clinical and laboratory sides of dentistry. However, I was getting frustrated with not being able to realize the dental career I envisioned.

The pivotal moment in my life and dental career was when I encountered the knowledge of human performance, neurophysiology, and psychology.

I realized that clinical know-how alone was not enough to build the practice of my dreams. It was only when I started incorporating strategies to optimize my physical and brain performance, combined with psychology and communication skills, I began to see the rapid growth of my practice.

After 10 years of developing, refining, and implementing the system, I finally had a practice and life I so long ago dreamed of.

This was the birth of Dental QS (Quantum Singularity), the time and space when all forces merge together to a single point. Dental QS programs are optimized to help you to gain and master the most pivotal information and knowledge that will yield you the most significant ROI for your practice.

The program combines neurogenic supplements, nutrition, and brain stimulators to optimize your brain function while acquiring dental knowledge and skills. By completing the courses, you will walk away transformed.

Your life will never be the same.
Let’s begin the journey…

With respect and love,
Jerome Cha, DDS