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Foundational Neurophysiology I

Course Length: 2 Days
Cost: $In person: $2,375 or Virtual live: $1375

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Stressed? Feeling burned out? Not sure what to do about your future, practice, or career?
Do you want to take your dental career to the Next Level? Do the type of dentistry you want to do and be compensated well. Find clarity for your career and achieve financial freedom.
In this two-day course, you will gain the foundational knowledge and skills to gain control over your life/career and start creating the life you desire.
It’s time to start creating and living the ultimate life you were meant to live… Let’s start the journey!

Course objectives

  1. Understand the Freedom formula.

  2. Formulate strategy to create a short- & long-term clarity.

  3. Understand the process of achieving personal success & goals.

  4. Understand the process of creative problem-solving.

  5. Understand the process of learning & acquiring dental skills rapidly.

  6. How to optimize neurophysiology so you can do and achieve more.

  7. How to gain control of your mind and create new thought patterns.

  8. How to use the law of quantum physics in creating your future.

  9. How to overcome fear.

  10. Introduction to the entrainment neuro device.

  11. How to implement meditation, visualization in daily life to be more productive.

  12. How to optimize your daily diet for your personal health.

The registration ends 05/12/2022

Live attendees will be provided with all meals (3 organic meals/day) & beverages + the neuro-entrainment device (included in the tuition).

Virtual attendees may purchase the neuro-entrainment device 3 weeks prior to attending the course, the cost will be an additional $515 (US).  Please email to request purchase.

Foundational Neurophysiology II

Course Length: 3 Days
Cost: $$3,175

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Prerequisite: Foundational Neurophysiology I

This course is offered only as in-person.

This course relies heavily on one-on-one interaction for neural reset.  The participants will get the most benefit when attending in-person.

Now, we will build on information and skills you learned in Foundational Neurophysiology I.

Do you ever wonder why some people with less talents and abilities seem to achieve more than you? It has much to do with thoughts and feelings/emotions our brain constantly generates.

To achieve more and create new life, we have to generate new thoughts/ emotions and expand our perceptions to see the opportunities we couldn't recognize in the past.

In this three-day intensive neural reset/ reprint session, you will break old thought patterns and create new ones to help you achieve what you want in your life.

Along with the implementation of a neuro device, nutrition & supplements,
you will understand the science of overcoming your fears, and how to ignite your passion, clarify your future, create implementation plans and strategies to experience a life of fulfillment & joy.


Course objectives

  1. Understanding fear and how to overcome. How to unblock your objections for success.

  2. Finding your gifts and talents. Unleashing the genius within you.

  3. Understanding innovation & creativity, implementation in life.

  4. Understanding & implementation of creative problem-solving skills in your personal life.

  5. Expanding your perception to enhancing hand skills.  2D to 4D hands on exercises ( drawing, waxing, single layer/ two-layer-tint composite, porcelain staining).

  6. Neural reset/ reprint to expand your potentials.

  7. Wealth accumulation and business development.

  8. Rapid practice growth strategy.

The registration ends 07/28/2022


Mastering Digital Data Collection I
Digital photography & processing / mastering case presentation.

Course Length: 2 Days
Prerequisite: Foundation Course Register Now

We fully dive into in-depth mastery of digital photography for dentistry.

While incorporating the neurobiostumulators and neurogenic protocol/rapid skills acquisition protocol, you will gain technical skills for mastering digital photography, data collecting, image processing/analysis, computer imaging and computer simulation for a case presentation. You will gain verbal communication skills to formulate a high-impact, high acceptance case presentation.

Mastering Full Mouth to Full Arch Rehab
Successful Treatment Planning & Execution of Full Arch to Full-Mouth Rehab.

Course Length: 2 Days
Prerequisite: Foundation Course, Mastering Digital Register Now

RSAP Protocol.

This transformative course will show you how to successfully treatment plan and execute full arch restorations to full mouth restorations. The course will guide you step-by-step protocol from diagnosis, treatment planning, to fabricating a trial restoration and final delivery. The course will also address the occlusal management of TMD, bruxism and worn dentition. The course will also go over how to unravel crowding, increasing vertical and the psychology of cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitation.