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Unlocking Your Brain Physiology & Enhancing Your Perceptions

Course Length: 5 Days
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $$6975.00

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No two brains alike.

Although we share similar brain physiology, how the brain works differs vastly. Numerous studies have shown that our past experiences, trauma, diet, nutrition, exposure to toxins, and physical health significantly influence how our brain works.

This foundational course will help you understand why your brain works the way it does and help you improve your brain for dentistry and business success.

You will start to break free from your limiting beliefs and begin to unleash your full potential. This course will show how to build optimal brain physiology by incorporating a neurogenic diet and supplements. Then we dive into rapidly building neural networks (brain-building) utilizing neurobiostimulators and hands-on exercises specifically designed for rapidly acquiring dental skills. You will dramatically enhance your visual acuity (data collection) and rapidly analyze and process data for creating stunning dental restorations (2D to 4D expanded perceptions). You will learn to create a 2D rendition from advanced visual acuity. You will then build a 3D model and dramatically improve your ability to create a beautiful composite bonding and a ceramic restoration.

Finally we capitalize on the transformation your brain has gone through and unlock your creativity and innovative power to help you start designing your dream practice.

Mastering Digital Data Collection
Digital photography & processing / mastering case presentation.

Course Length: 5 Days
Prerequisite: Foundation Course
Cost: $6,795

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We fully dive into in-depth mastery of digital photography for dentistry.

While incorporating the neurobiostumulators and neurogenic protocol/rapid skills acquisition protocol, you will gain technical skills for mastering digital photography, data collecting, image processing/analysis, computer imaging and computer simulation for a case presentation. You will gain verbal communication skills to formulate a high-impact, high acceptance case presentation.

Mastering Full Mouth to Full Arch Rehab
Successful Treatment Planning & Execution of Full Arch to Full-Mouth Rehab.

Course Length: 5 Days
Prerequisite: Foundation Course, Mastering Digital
Cost: $8,875

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RSAP Protocol.

This transformative course will show you how to successfully treatment plan and execute full arch restorations to full mouth restorations. The course will guide you step-by-step protocol from diagnosis, treatment planning, to fabricating a trial restoration and final delivery. The course will also address the occlusal management of TMD, bruxism and worn dentition. The course will also go over how to unravel crowding, increasing vertical and the psychology of cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitation.