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Max. Anterior Six Morphology & Waxing with James Choi, MDT March 29, 2024

Course Length: 1 Days
Cost: $1325

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Understanding anterior morphology and the ability to design an esthetic smile is a fundamental skill for dentists and dental technicians.

In this hands-on course, James Choi, MDT, will teach the morphology of maxillary anterior teeth and help you see the shapes and contours of the teeth you may not have been able to visualize previously.

Then, go over the anterior smile design, followed by waxing techniques and waxing instrumentation.

In the second half of the course, James will demonstrate, and you will follow a step-by-step approach to creating and replicating curves, contours, incisal edges, incisal embrasures, and surface textures to replicate nature in creating a highly aesthetic 3-D model of anterior teeth in wax form.

This course will be foundational in helping dentists acquire numerous esthetic and restorative procedures such as anterior temporary restorations, anterior composite bondings, class IV restorations, and more by visualizing essential components of tooth forms and replicating realistic tooth forms and shapes.

The course will help dental technicians create all aspects of highly esthetic restorations.

The course will provide beverages and lunch.

All instruments needed will be provided. However, the individual is encouraged to bring instruments they wish to use.

This is a NO REFUND course.



James has started his dental technology career since year of 2000, and has worked with many of the industries greats including Don Cornell, Michel Magne.  James earned his credentials as a Certified Master Ceramist in 2012, and shortly thereafter he took on the lead as dental laboratory director for the Master Ceramic Program at UCLA in collaboration with Dr. Ed Mclaren.  James is one of the main developers of the revolutionary Miyo liquid ceramic system.  James influence and innovation further drive his role as an international educator, thought leader and key opinion leader.

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Foundational Neurophysiology
January 11-13/2024

Course Length: 3 Days
Cost: $4,975

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One-on-One Sessions Available. Send a request to 'contact us.'

*Anyone who is not involved in dentistry is welcome

Dentistry can be extremely rewarding at the same time, highly stressful.

The key to a successful dental career is having clarity of what an individual's success looks like and then optimizing the time spent pursuing the objectives by formulating strategic plans.

Foundational Neurophysiology is about clarifying individual career and life goals. Then, creating timelines to achieve all objectives efficiently and effectively.

This 5-day course begins the review of neurophysiology and how one can achieve optimal health, prevent chronic illness, slow aging, and have more energy & vitality.

Then the course will introduce neuro-device/ Cranio-electrical-visual entrainment devices for improving brain function, reducing or removing traumatic/ destructive thought patterns, and establishing expanded, productive thought patterns.

Once you remove negative thought patterns, you move into creating an amazing future. You will clarify objectives and develop actionable strategic plans to start your journey immediately.

Lastly, the course will introduce the strategy to implement innovation and creativity for rapid business growth.

It's time to upgrade your mind and body and unleash your potential!

Course objectives

  1. Understand the Freedom formula.

  2. Formulate a strategy to create short- & long-term clarity.

  3. Understand the process of achieving personal success & goals.

  4. Understand the process of creative problem-solving.

  5. Understand the process of learning & acquiring dental skills rapidly.

  6. How to optimize neurophysiology so you can have more energy to do and achieve more.

  7. How to gain control of your mind and create new thought patterns.

  8. How to use the law of quantum physics in creating your future.

  9. How to overcome fear.

  10. Introduction to the entrainment neuro device.

  11. How to implement meditation and visualization in daily life to be more productive.

  12. How to personalize your daily diet for your health and energy optimization.

Attendees will be provided with three organic meals/day & beverages + the neuro-entrainment device (included in the tuition).

Mastering Full Arch to Full Mouth Rehab

Course Length: 3 Days
Cost: $5,975 (in person)

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This transformative course will go over how to successfully treatment plan and execute full arch restorations to full mouth restorations. The course will present step-by-step protocol from diagnosis, treatment planning, digital smile simulation, waxing, fabricating a trial restoration, records taking, and bite transfer to final delivery. The course will also address the occlusal management of TMD, bruxism, worn & crowded dentition, and how to increase vertical dimension.