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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is a Rapid Skills Acquisition Protocol/ RSAP?

    RSAP is primarily based on research done on traumatic brain injury. Studies have found that the brain requires certain nutrients and stimulation to function optimally and recover from past injury. RSAP implements meals and supplements that are optimal for brain cell growth and function. Also, all Dqs courses implement neurobiostimulators to ‘prime’ the brain by encouraging the brain to go into a particular brain wave states, ‘the zone’, and increase blood flow to the brain for increased brain function.

  2. Are the devices safe?

    Although the FDA has approved very few neurostimulators, most of them are for implantable devices. The devices the Dqs will be using are certainly not implantable. They are categorized as ‘low-risk general wellness devices’ by the FDA.

  3. How should I dress for the course?

    You should dress in very comfortable attire. Comfortable footwear and clothing that you can easily move and perform light exercises are a must.

  4. What if I need to change the date for my course?

    There is no penalty for needing to change your course date. We will be happy to accommodate the date change.

  5. Why is the Foundation Course five days long?

    We have much information to cover. Instead of having numerous three day courses, we want to be as efficient as possible with your travel time and expenses. Also, the research on neuroscience and neurogenesis has shown that neural network formation can be very rapid. However, if the network is not reinforced, the newly established neural network will quickly disappear. The course program is optimized to strengthen the newly formed neural networks and have the best chance of long-term survival. This course is essential in updgrading your brain to acquire greater information in less time for the future courses.

  6. Where is the training held?

    The courses are conducted at 9445 S. Mingo Rd, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The newly built facility is centrally located in the US and is easy to travel from either coast.

  7. How many people are in each training?

    Because the courses are highly interactive and immersive, we limit our classes to only 10 participants at a time. Please sign up early to reserve your spot.

  8. Will there be any pre-work before attending the course?

    Yes. To maximize the program and ‘brain-building,’ we encourage you to abstain from alcoholic beverages, a high sugar/carb diet, and caffeine for two weeks before attending the course, if possible. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, we encourage you to switch to decaffeinated two weeks before attending class.

  9. How will this course help me?

    You will gain solid clinical skills and knowledge you can implement immediately. The course will help you understand your brain physiology and allow you to acquire dental skills more efficiently. Unlocking creativity and innovative power can help you in the business planning and decision-making process.


  1. How much does the program cost?

    Please refer to the ‘Course’ page for the tuition fees. A down payment of $500 is required to reserve your space, and full payment is due 30 days before attending.

  2. Do you offer a payment plan?



  1. Do you provide any accommodations or transport?

    Transportation to the class is up to individuals. Recommended hotels will be provided upon registration.

  2. How far away are you from the airport?

    The facility is located approximately 14 miles from the Tulsa International Airport. About a 20 minute drive.

  3. I have a diet restriction

    We will accommodate all diet restrictions and food allergies. Please let us know at the time of registration.


  1. What is the daily schedule?

    The day will begin at 8:00; then, the breakfast will be served at 8:30. The morning session starts at 9:00. The lunch will be served at 1:00. The afternoon session starts at 1:30. The dinner will be served at 6:00 with a daily wrap up discussion.

  2. Is the training confidential?

    The training is entirely confidential. During many of our brain re-setting sessions, past personal life experiences may be shared in a group setting. All private discussions are strictly confidential.

  3. Will I have homework during the session?

    No, you will have a full day, and very likely, your brain will be spent. We encourage participants to go to bed early to get a good night of sleep and recharge the brain for the next day.

  4. Will I have access to my phone?

    It is essential that you limit your distractions during the course and focus on the exercises. Phone can easily distract your ‘flow state.’ We will provide you with a phone locker. You will be able to access your phone during the breaks, lunch, and after the daily session is over. Please inform your family and practice of your limited availability during the course.

  5. Will meals and snacks be provided?

    Three meals a day and snacks will be provided.

  6. Will alcohol and caffeinated beverages be served?

    No alcoholic beverage will be served during the session. However, high-quality organic coffee and tea will be served during the session. At the conclusion of the course, alcoholic beverages will be served.

  7. What type of supplements will you provide?

    No one will be forced to take the diet supplements Dqs provides. However, several diet supplements will be provided for those who would like to take them daily. The Dqs diet supplements are mainly formulated to help the communication between the brain hemispheres, increase energy production at the cellular level, and at the digestive level, help support optimal nerve conduction.

If you have a question we haven’t answered, please send us a message.