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image of Jermome Cha
Jerome Cha

Dr. Cha has received a dental and psychology degree from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Cha has been in private dental practice since 1993. Dr. Cha has always been fascinated with human psychology and behaviors and has done extensive research on neurogenesis, particularly in dentistry. He has published an article on Dental Artistry in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and has given lectures on creativity and innovation internationally. Dr. Cha is the founder of Dental QS and the director of the ‘Dental Foundational Course.’

photo of Muna Strasser
Muna Strasser

Dr. Muna Strasser is an accomplished general dentist in Moline, IL, with over 30 years of interacting with a variety of patients, especially in the areas of TMJD and advanced wear cases. Dr. Strasser has completed many residencies and fellowships, including the Spear Mastery Continuum, where she serves as Visiting Faculty. She has a unique ability to understand the perspectives and challenges encountered in different cultures, having lived and grown up overseas. She has an intuitive ability to connect with others, allowing her to facilitate others’ growth and development with new techniques. Her passions are poetry, art, animals, photography, and helping others overcome challenges in life.

photo of Doug Sandquist
Doug Sandquist

Dr. Sandquist has been in private dental practice since 1997. Dr. Sandquist’s focus is on complex restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

He is also an accomplished landscape photographer. His landscape photograph has been published worldwide by Apple Inc.

Dr. Sandquist has completed numerous dental continuums, including the Misch Institute and the Spear, and serves as a visiting faculty for the Spear Institute. Dr. Sandquist’s special interest and expertise are in ‘better communication through digital photography’.

photo of Bernie Villadiego
Bernie Villadiego

Dr. Villadiego has been in private practice since 1989 after completing a general practice residency at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center. He established a private practice with an emphasis on complex esthetic and reconstructive dentistry.

Dr. Bernie B. Villadiego has earned the accredited member status with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He has taught practicing dentists the current and advanced techniques in functional and cosmetic dentistry at the Esthetic Professional Dental Education Center in California and mentors dentists at the Spear Education Center. He has been teaching clinical dental photography for the past decade.

photo of David Chan
David Chan

David Chan earned his DMD degree in 1989 from Oregon Health Sciences University. He maintains a full-time practice focused on cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry located in Ridgefield, Washington.

David currently serves as President-Elect for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as director at the Center for Dental Artistry, and a Clinical Instructor at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington.

He is an Accredited Member of the AACD and has been published widely in peer-reviewed dental articles, including several articles in the prestigious “Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry”.

In addition, David travels nationally/internationally, giving lectures to dentists on comprehensive esthetic dental care, and serves as a key opinion leader for many dental products companies.

Judemar Dimapilis

Dr. Diamapilis has been in private practice since 2001 in San Diego, CA. His is an Accredited Member of AACD and has given multiple dental workshops. He has completed the Spear Education Program and has been recognized for skills and knowledge on dental laboratory works, such as porcelain staining, waxing, and full mouth design and photography.

James Choi

James has been involved in dental technology for over two decades and has worked with many industry greats, including Michel Magne and Don Cornell. James earned his credentials as a Certified Master Ceramist in 2011, and shortly thereafter, he took on the lead as dental laboratory directory for the Master Ceramist Program at UCLA in collaboration with Dr. Ed Mclaren. James is one of the main developers of the revolutionary Miyo liquid ceramic system, which he utilizes in his privately owned boutique dental laboratory. James’ influence and innovation further drive his role as an international educator, thought leader, and key opinion leader.

photo of Sang Jun
Sang Jun

Sang has been in the dental laboratory industry since 1982.

Sang is the founder and a master ceramist of the Yewon Dental Lab in Monterey, CA. His wealth of knowledge in the business and dental technology is enormous. Sang has published numerous articles on dental restorations and methodology. Sang serves as a senior advisor for HAAS Bio Corp, a consultant for 3M ESPE, Jensen Dental, and is a global key opinion leader for the dental tech industry.